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Far Cry: New Dawn Review (PS4)

7.9 Good

For newcomers who didn't play Far Cry 5, New Dawn will feel incredibly fresh and new, but those who played the last instalment will enjoy the breadcrumbs of revisiting familiar yet derelict locations from Far Cry 5, all with a Mad Max-style wrapping around them.

  • 7.9
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The most recent entry into the Far Cry series, Far Cry 5, was only released less than 12 months ago, but Far Cry: New Dawn brings gamers back to the setting of FC5‘s Hope County for a colourful, apocalyptic romp; but is this a simple retread of familiar ground or something revolutionary for the series.

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New Dawn
picks up 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5 – and for those who did played it, they’ll know that things ended with a bang, literally. A nuclear attack has left Hope County, Montana, irradiated and reshaped, with hostile survivors and violent new gangs now roaming the surprisingly-pretty bombed-landscape, and it’s up to you to take them on as a new character in the mix. It’s a refreshing setting for the Far Cry series, which does seem strange at first when you’re picking up a DIY saw-blade launcher rather than an SMG (as per the usual fair of all things Far Cry), but thankfully the gameplay brings you back to what makes the franchise so great.

Far Cry has always had a great gameplay loop in up its sleeves: taking out enemy outposts, managing interesting fetch-quests, and hunting down VIP targets is all there and still as enjoyable as ever. New Dawn‘s new weapons, overly-bizarre and spray-painted vehicles, and new Expedition missions (sending you to an isolated location for an objective) do a great job at spicing up the familiar formula.

You’ll feel at ease with New Dawn if you’ve played any Far Cry game before, and in no time, you’ll be into the flow of jumping into missions, crafting weapons, and hunting down side-quests or hidden items within the map – which is great, because more Far Cry is always a good thing. That said, the enemies in New Dawn are some of the most uninspiring of the series, with the cannon-fodder soldiers being very run-of-the-mill, and the main villains (who are usually a highpoint with any entry in the series) are very forgettable.

Far Cry: New Dawn doesn’t take the franchise to new heights, but it gives gamers a whole lot more Far Cry, which is still a really good thing. There are some interesting twists on the usual formula, so if you’ve finished Far Cry 5 and looking for some more over-the-top, shotgun-to-the-face action, New Dawn will fill that void; otherwise look at picking up FC5 first.

Far Cry: New Dawn is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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