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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: 5 Gym Bag Hacks You Need to Know


Everyone loves a good hack! Whether you love working out or find it to be a major chore, these easy gym bag hacks will help make your visit to the gym that little bit easier. From how to get great post-gym hair to keeping nasty smells at bay – there’s a hack for everyone in this list.

Tame post-gym hair:

This hack is a must try for ladies looking to have soft, beautiful looking hair after their workout. Before you hit the gym floor apply a deep conditioner or mask to the ends of your hair and tye it in a bun. The conditioner will treat dry ends while you’re exercising and the heat from working out will help to lock in the moisture – genius! When you’re done breaking a sweat, hit the showers and wash your hair as normal.

Keep your gym gloves fresh:

If you don’t have time to wash your gym gloves after every use try freezing them instead! An hour or two in the freezer will leave them smelling as fresh as a daisy and there’s no need to wait for them to dry before you hit the gym again.

Keep hair elastics close

This one’s for the ladies. Nothing ruins a good workout like realising you don’t have a hair elastic! Keeping a few hair elastics together on a carabiner in your gym bag is a great way to make sure you always have an elastic within reach when you need it most.

Keep nasty smells at bay:

Shoes stinking up your gym bag after a workout? Keep a few dry tea bags in your bag to slip into your sweaty gym shoes before putting them back inside your gym bag. The tea bags will absorb the sweaty odours from your shoes and leave them smelling a lot fresher in the morning.

Tame headphones with a clothes peg

If your headphones are always getting tangled in your bag try using a clothes peg to keep them neatly rolled up. Simply roll up your headphones and place the peg across the headphones to keep them from unraveling and getting tangled.

Protect clothes from muddy shoes with a shower cap

If the soles of your shoes are muddy you can protect the rest of your clothes in your bag with a simple shower cap. Before putting your shoes back in your bag, whip out the shower cap and place the soles of the shoes inside the cap – voila!

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