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De Toren Private Cellar Launches Premium Husk Spirit


What Port is to Portugal, Cava to Spain, and Champagne to France, so now too is Grappa to Italy. This is thanks to a relatively recent change in terminology. If it’s made elsewhere in the world, then the spirit, which is distilled from grape skins that have been removed during the wine-making process, is referred to as Husk Spirit.

The “husks” or skins find new life in a clear, refined spirit that is anchored in wine production but takes flight in delicious new directions. Because De Toren Private Cellar is already a master of finely crafted wines, and because the estate holds sustainability and organic production values at its heart, it became natural for the winemaking team to think about reconceptualising a careful selection of grape husks. And so, De Toren’s Husk Spirit was born.

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De Toren’s vision for its very first Husk Spirit has come to fruition with the virgin release of the ultra-premium De Toren Fusion V Premium Husk Spirit. This rare and limited edition is inspired by De Toren’s highly accoladed Fusion V wine, a symphonic Bordeaux style blend.

To produce this highly crafted grape skin spirit, De Toren turned to the expertise of Wilderer Distilleries and forged a unique partnership. Wilderer is not only South Africa’s first private distillery but also the most awarded, with over 70 international medals and awards, including many Gold and Double Gold Medals.

In true pioneering style, De Toren Private Cellar, the masters of Bordeaux, collaborated with the master distiller, Wilderer, who specialises in crafting luxury gin and grappa. From this elite partnership came the limited edition De Toren Fusion V Premium Husk Spirit.

Inspired by the iconic De Toren Fusion V wine and the meticulous steps taken in crafting this bespoke blend, the idea for Fusion V Premium Husk Spirit was born. Using carefully chosen De Toren grape skins, five cultivar-specific spirits were skilfully, and separately, distilled. These five represent the iconic Fusion V red blend, namely, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Following the individual distillation of each, the blending process commenced. After this, the blended spirit was matured in a single French Oak barrel.

Another point of distinction for the Husk Spirit, is that distillers are generally reliant on receiving grape skins as a by-product. In this case, in envisioning this premium product, the team at De Toren were able to choose specific skins of their organically grown grapes and deliver them at the highest quality to our distilling partner.

These points of difference make De Toren Fusion V Premium Husk Spirit unique. The resulting spirit is gloriously golden-hued and redolent of complex and well-rounded notes on the palate – compliments of the Oak maturation.

The ideal digestif, meal accompaniment, or savour any time favourite, the new Husk Spirt is a more than worthy addition to De Toren’s formidable stable of excellence. Drink this delicious spirit on its own, as an aperitif, or enjoy it the traditional Italian way as a Caffè corretto, which is an espresso shot “corrected” with a small amount of grappa. Feeling a bit more adventurous? There are also numerous ways to incorporate this spirit into delicious cocktails.

Whatever your preference, De Toren Fusion V Premium Husk Spirit is best enjoyed at an optimal temperature of 14 ºC to 16ºC. Being an aged spirit, it is complex, well-rounded and smooth, and thus will hugely benefit from being drunk at the right temperature. Similarly, the optimal grappa stemware (a tulip-shaped or cognac glass) will enhance the experience. De Toren Fusion V Premium Husk Spirit should be allowed to breathe for 10 to 15 minutes before serving to appreciate its premium craftsmanship to the full.

Only a mere 529 bottles of this extremely limited edition spirit exist. Each bottle is individually numbered and carefully packaged by hand in its special edition wooden case, making it a true collector’s item.


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