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A Buyer’s Guide: Five Essentials For New Cyclists


Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, build stamina and improve strength – just take a look at the cyclists competing in the gruelling Cape Town Cycle Tour!  It is also an excellent means of transport for beating traffic, exploring mountains, riding along beach fronts and roaming neighbourhoods. Besides buying a bike, there are a few other cycling essentials.

1. A Trusty Helmet

A  helmet is non-negotiable for extra protection. It can be the difference between life and death. Casco offers top of the range helmets and this one, in particular, improves ventilation with 26 ventilation holes and has reflective tips, which increase your visibility to motorists.

Image result for Casco Active TC MTB Helmet 56-59cm Black

Available for R2999

2. Water Bottle For Hydration

Cycling is a workout and staying hydrated is essential. Always keep a water bottle handy for when you commute to work or take on the steep mountain tops. This multifunctional waistband comes with a water bottle and offers a compartment for your phone.

Available for R115

3. Tube Repair Kit

At some point, you will get a flat tyre; it’s inevitable. For situations like these,  you are going to need the essential tools to continue your ride. This convenient kit comes with a tyre pry, five tyre patches, an inflation device, a multi-tool, an extra tube, as well as a socket wrench. It also comes with a pouch that can easily hung on your bike.

Available for R529

4. Cycling Gear

Cycling gear is not really needed for short trips. But when embarking on a long-distance ride, you soon discover why a shirt and jeans are not your best friend. There is a reason for the super-tight clothes made from Lycra. One of the reasons is that the material prevents chafing and bunching of the clothes, allowing for more freedom of movement. The materials are not made to wick away sweat from the skin, but Lycra does.

                     Womens Northwave Vitamine Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

       Available for R890                                                                                Available for R1,045

5. Cycling Shoes

There are many benefits of wearing cycling shoes, but most importantly, it helps you concentrate solely on the road without worrying about your feet slipping on the pedals. Ultimately, you will have a far more enjoyable ride.


Available for R2,103                                                            Available for R1,612





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