Sunday, February 23

Coke Plus Coffee Launches in SA


Coffee-lovers and Coke drinkers can now hit two birds with one stone thanks to Coca-Cola‘s new Coke Plus Coffee addition to their rapidly-expanding lineup of soft-drinks.

While a normal Coke already contains a bit of caffeine, Coke Plus Coffee includes an extra hit of stimulant, along with a coffee-bean taste, putting the drink somewhere closer to that of an ice-coffee.

This is the Coca-Cola Company’s third new addition to the Coke range this year, after a No Caffeine version of the Coke’s No Sugar (formerly Coke Zero) was introduced, along with a new energy drink variant, Coke Energy, which launched in SA last month.

Fans who alternate between a Coke and a coffee for that little burst of energy throughout the day can now grab themselves a can of the new product.

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