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Classic Ray-Ban Sunglasses That Never Lose Their Cool


Whether you’re wearing them for purely aesthetic reasons or simply to protect your eyes from the harsh elements, sunglasses can make or break an outfit. No brand is more synonymous with sunglasses than Ray-Ban. The brand has been around for almost 100 years and is responsible for bringing us some of the most iconic sunglass shapes that have truly stood the test of time.

Over the years, Ray-Ban sunglasses has consistently influenced popular culture in both the music world and on the silver screen, and these days they’re experts in modernising some of the most popular and most loved sunglass shapes, introducing them to a new generation of fashionistas.

South Africans will know that owning a pair of trendy sunglasses is a necessity when protecting your eyes from the harsh African sun, but choosing the best looking sunglasses for your face can be tricky. Some styles are so legendary that everyone wants to own a pair, but you have to take in to consideration the shape of the frames and lenses before attempting to pull them off. We’ve rounded up some of the most classic Ray-Ban sunglasses for every face shape so you can confidently invest in a truly iconic pair that’s right for you.

Ray-Ban Aviator

Ray-Ban ‘The General’ Aviators

Ray-Ban ‘The General’ Aviators.


Designed by Ray-Ban in the 1930s, this classically cool style became the shape of choice for pilots. With distinctive thin wire frames, a double bridge, and dark lenses which are usually two to three times the size of the eye socket, Aviators reached iconic status due to their one-size-suits-all style. They are one of the few styles of sunglasses that will suit every face shape.

In 2017, Ray-Ban updated the classic style with the launch of the Ray-Ban ‘The General’ Aviators. The ultimate celebration of the iconic spirit of Ray-Ban, this reinterpretation of the Ray-Ban Aviator, offers more squared lenses and a bold upper bar.

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Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer.

This iconic style first emerged in the 1950s and quickly became a fashion sensation because they were radically different to other available styles at the time. Designed by Ray-Ban, the trapezoidal shape was created by Ray-Ban using the newly-invented, moldable acetate material. Today, the classic Wayfarer frames are often heralded as the best selling sunglasses design of all time.

Seen on the faces of big-name celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, the Blues Brothers, Katy Perry and Tom Cruise, the classic wayfarer is an icon in its own right. Just like the iconic Aviator, Wayfarers became a hit because they compliment every face shape. Of course, over the years the classic shape has been updated and modernised to give fashion lovers even more choice. The classic and original wayfarer style is the best choice for someone with a heart-shaped face, while those with a round-faced might prefer the slimming effect of a wayfarer with an angular or straight square shape, to make the face appear longer.

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Ray-Ban Clubmaster

ray-ban clubmaster

Ray-ban Clubmaster.

While Aviators or Wayfarers are two of the most iconic frame styles, browline or ‘Clubmaster’ sunglasses still hold a special place in the hearts of classic-fashion loving men and women. The style is bold and instantly recognisable, but also subtle and classy at the same time. Clubmaster was a big hit in the 1950s and 1960s and is characterised by rounded lenses set in a distinctive frame featuring a bold plastic upper, to accentuate the eyebrow line, and a thin metal rim on the lower half. The bold, exaggerated browline of the Clubmaster makes them a great choice for those with a heart-shaped face.

The frame was invented by optical company Shuron in 1947 as a stylish frame for regular eyeglasses, and was worn exclusively with clear prescription lenses. That all changed in the mid 80s when action star, Bruce Willis sported a pair of Clubmaster frames with tinted lenses on the TV series, Moonlighting. This TV moment resulted in a surge in demand for browline frames, and Ray-Ban led the sunglasses trend with its new line of ‘Clubmaster’ sunglasses.

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