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Buying Guide: DIY Blinds for the Modern Home


If you’re looking to spruce up your home, a brand new set of blinds can go a long way to freshening up the decor of a room. But, shopping for blinds shouldn’t be a chore. Forget finding the time to visit showrooms or facilitate home visits from handymen or salesmen, cut out the middleman and buy your blinds from Blinds Direct. When you purchase from Blinds Direct, not only do you cut out the middleman and save, but you can also customise your own DIY blinds for your needs.

What are DIY Blinds?

At Blinds Direct, DIY blinds are tailor-made to your specifications and measurements. DIY blinds are ideal for rooms with abnormally shaped windows or doors. Often ready-made blinds come in a universal size that requires you to have them cut afterwards, leading to further costs, time and effort, that few people can afford to spare.

With DIY blinds there’s no need to have a contractor or salesman visit your home, simply whip out your measuring tape to get the dimensions of your window frames and have Blinds Direct make up the DIY blinds to your specifications. It saves you time and money on additional service and call-out fees. Once Blinds Direct has your order, your blinds will be made to your measurements.

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Choose from a Range of Blinds

The best thing about shopping online is being able to shop when it suits you, from the comfort of your own home! Forget schlepping to the showroom, simplify your life and browse a wide range from Blinds Direct — you’ll find every style of blind as well as a wide variety of designs, colours, and fabrics at your fingertips. Let your inner designer shine by trying out colour swatches and envisioning potential styles in your living space.

There’s no need to go out to a showroom to check out the options for your new blinds, you can simply learn all about them online and take your time to make a decision. To get you started on your shopping journey here are just some of the shading treatments on offer:

Roman Blinds — Traditionally Subtle

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A classic, Roman blinds have a soft feel to them and come in a wide array of colours and patterns to create the room of your dreams. Unlike most blinds, they can also vary in transparency, to allow for light and vision inwards and outwards; depending on your preference and which room they’re installed in. Choose from full block out blinds, semi-translucent, or translucent blinds to suit your room.

Bamboo Blinds —  Rustic and Eco-Friendly

Bamboo blinds are rich and warm in vivid shades of brown and red, making them ideal for adding warmth and a cosy atmosphere to any room. Crafted from a renewable resource, sparing our forests, Bamboo blinds are a great eco-friendly alternative to more traditional blinds. They are also water-resistant and highly durable, and the abundance of bamboo makes them more affordable than wooden blinds. Because who doesn’t love luxury for half the price?

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Venetian Blinds —  The most popular blinds

When you think of blinds, most people almost certainly think of Venetian blinds. This much-loved style of blind is available in a range of materials to add a unique look and feel to any room in your home. Aluminium blinds are affordable with industrial chic, while Aluwood Venetian blinds, an aluminium blind that looks like wood, offer a more rustic look at a more affordable price.

To create a room with a more natural, laid-back luxury-style look and feel, Basswood, Plaswood and Bamboo Venetian blinds are a great option for those who like the look of wooden blinds. Plaswood blinds are another fantastic option for environmentally conscious decorators looking to add a rich natural look and feel to a kitchen or bathroom without the risk of moisture damage to your blinds.

Polyester Venetian blinds are made of fabric and are highly flexible, and waterproof to boot. You won’t see polyester blinds bend out of shape or break, even when put the test by children or pets. Because they’re made of fabric they’re also lighter and come in a wide range of colours.

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Find the perfect blinds for your home from Blinds Direct’s extensive collection of blinds, shutters, fabric blinds, outdoor blinds, shade sails and more.

Just pick your blinds, choose a colour swatch, and input your measurements. Blinds Direct will do the rest to make the magic happen, and you’ll have your blinds in no time, complete with fittings and an installation manual. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

The above sponsored post was done in collaboration with Blinds Direct.


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