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Buyer’s Guide to Power Tools and Garden Equipment


Does size matter? According to gardening experts, it does when it comes to power tools and garden equipment. But how do you know which gardening tools and equipment are worth the splurge? Check out this advice on when to go big, and when to go home in terms of lawnmowers, brush cutters and trimmers.

Buying garden equipment is an investment — both emotionally and financially. Whether it’s a lawnmower, chainsaw or trimmer, you’ll be spending a lot of time with it in the years to come, so you need to be compatible, and you need the right size to keep you happy.

Here are some things to consider before you commit:

Lawnmowers — which is right for you?

Rolux lawn

The size and make of lawnmower you buy will depend on the size of your lawn and your budget. Lawnmowers are available in various mowing widths — and the wider the mower, the quicker you’ll get the job done. So, if you have a large garden, you’ll need to go for a wider mower, or you’re going to spend all your spare weekend time mowing.

Your next decision is whether to go for a petrol engine or electric motor. The size of your lawn area will also play a role in your choice here. A petrol mower is better for large gardens. It’s a practical solution if you’re a long way from a plug, and it’s also more powerful, heavier and often bigger than electric mowers, making the task of mowing a large area easier.

An electric mower is easy to manoeuvre, less pricey and better suited for smaller gardens. The power cord means you are limited to how far you can venture, and an extension cord designed to handle longer distances will set you back a few extra bucks.

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Brush cutter or trimmer?

hedge trimmer

What exactly is the difference between a brush cutter and a grass trimmer? The short answer is: power. A trimmer can be used for smaller jobs, such as keeping your edges neat and giving that finishing touch to your lawn, while a brush cutter is a bit more powerful and can be used for more demanding jobs.

Trimmers usually only have a nylon line for cutting light vegetation like grass. Brush cutters typically have a nylon line option for light work and strong metal blades for tackling dense vegetation, such as overgrown shrubs and tough grass. The Rolux Magnum X 43cc straight shaft 2-stroke model comes with a nylon cutting line and bumphead, and a three-tooth metal blade, so you can use it for all manner of garden tasks.

Hedge trimmer or chainsaw – slim down or shape up?

hedge trimmer

While these two power tools may look similar, the jobs they can perform are quite different. A hedge trimmer has teeth that oscillate backwards and forwards, perfect for chopping through small branches. It is lighter and less powerful than a chainsaw and can be used for trimming hedges and shrubs and generally keeping your garden in shape.

Chainsaws have teeth that rapidly move around a bar. These have all the power and can be used to cut through branches and tree trunks quickly – ideal for tree felling and pruning. The Rolux Magnum X 45cc chainsaw is compact and lightweight and has an anti-vibration and fast chain brake system, making a potentially daunting job safe and achievable.

Whatever your choice, it is always a good idea to spend a bit extra to ensure you have top-quality equipment that will do the job right, do it safely and keep doing it for years to come.


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