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Buyer’s Guide: 4 Affordable Gadgets to Make Café-Quality Coffee at Home


Enjoying an expertly brewed cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop is one of life’s best little pleasures. But, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could enjoy the same quality cup of coffee, or at least dangerously close, at home? Many coffee lovers assume making good coffee at home comes with a ludicrously high price tag. But, the truth is you don’t necessarily need a fancy espresso machine in your kitchen to make a top-notch, café-quality cuppa. In fact, these 3 affordable gadgets are all that stand between you and a stellar cup of coffee. Invest in these little gems and you’ll be embracing your inner barista in no time.

Moka Pot


If you want a simpler and cheaper method to brewing espresso at home, look no further than the modest little Moka Pot. This cute-as-can-be, kettle-like pot brews espresso right on your stove top. They are inexpensive, super simple to use, and easy to clean.

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French press


If you can’t be bothered with making espresso in a Moka pot, then the French press is another great option which takes considerably less effort. The French press is a simple, inexpensive coffee maker consisting of a carafe (typically glass) and plunger tool.

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Bean grinder

coffee bean grinder

The coarseness of your coffee beans is extremely important when it comes to making a good cup of coffee. While you could buy pre-ground coffee from your local supermarket, coffee connoisseurs will tell you that it’s always better to buy whole-bean coffee and grind it yourself as needed. While more convenient, ground coffee loses its freshness, flavour, and scent more rapidly than you might think.

For a truly sensational cup of home-brewed coffee, it’s best to invest in a grinder and grind the beans yourself. Ideally, you’ll want a very fine grind (similar to sand) for brewing coffee in an espresso maker, like a Moka pot, and a coarse grind (similar to breadcrumbs) for a French press.

If you’re looking for a fine grind, a burr grinder is a better choice than a blade grinder, but they can be costly. For those who are willing to take the time to grind the beans by hand, you can find inexpensive manual burr grinders at many retailers. If you’re happy with a more course grind, an electric blade grinder is a great choice, especially if you have a French press.

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Electric Milk frother

Electric Milk frother 

If you really want to take your home coffee creations to the next level, invest in an electric milk frother. These are relatively affordable and will greatly increase the enjoyment of your home brews. An electric milk frother does all the work for you to steam or froth milk and is an incredible investment if you love lattes and cappuccinos and want to enjoy café-quality coffee drinks at home.

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