Thursday, January 23

Bloedlemoen Amber Gin Launches Just in Time for Summer


Great news for gin drinkers, the world’s first blood orange gin, Bloedlemoen, has just dropped a brand-new gin variant just in time for summer. Made with the same ten botanicals as the Classic Bloedlemoen gin, as well as a selection of locally foraged fynbos and honeybush, the new Bloedlemoen Amber puts a fresh spin on the much loved zesty gin.

Conceptualised in 2015 by sommelier, Pierre Strydom, chef, Mike Jones and wine maker, Stefan Coetzee, Bloedlemoen Gin is much loved for its refreshing taste with a dash of warmth. The delicious gin carefully balances spices, such as Grains of Paradise, Coriander, Cassia bark, Nutmeg, Liquorice Root and Cardamom, with classic gin botanicals, Juniper and Angelica Root, before finishing off with the local flavour of Tarocco Blood Orange and Orange Peel, to create a unique twist.

Now this wonderfully balanced small-batch gin has a new twist with the addition of locally foraged fynbos and honeybush. With hints of warm, sweet, creamy caramel on the nose, a spicy almost woody palate that is full of complexity and flavour, and a strong, earthy, nutty finish with a juniper after taste, Bloedlemoen Amber is the perfect summer sipper. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or with a cut of orange zest and tonic.

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