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Black Friday: Here’s What the Big Retailers Have Planned


Black Friday is around the corner, and if any of the past year’s discounts are to go by, then South African retailers are set to up their game for 2018. Thankfully, shopping online is a little more convenient than getting trampled in store, so here’s what some of the big retailers have in store in order to give shoppers some serious savings for 2018’s Black Friday.


If you’re a lover of geek-culture, gaming, music, and everything in between, Raru will be on your radar, and according to MyBroadband, Raru’s co-founder Neil Smith mentioned that customers can expect to see discounts on products ranging from between 30% all the way up to a pretty impressive 80%. Check out Raru’s top deals here.


WantItAll is planning to have Black Friday deals, but the focus will be an expanding the range for the sale period, including unique and possibly once-off products on the actual day. Check out WantItAll’s top deals here.


Takealot are taking their Black Friday event to the next level by having an entire weekend of specials with the Blue Dot sale. They’ll be putting up hundreds of deals every day starting on Black Friday and then also carrying all the way to Cyber Monday, so keep an eye on their site and their app during that period to take advantage of their massive discounts. Check out Takealot’s top deals here.


Aspiring jet-setters will be keeping an eye on Travelstart, who, while keeping their exact deals and destinations a mystery, have confirmed that there’ll be both domestic and international deals available this Black Friday. Check out Travelstart’s top deals here.


For the shoppers who prefer to do their retail therapy in the flesh, Game says they’ll be putting up some “phenomenal specials” for Black Friday across each of their 140+ stores nationwide. Specifically for the Black Friday rush some of their stores will even be opening earlier (as early as midnight of the 22nd November) to accommodate for the expected volume of customers. Check out Game’s top deals here.

If you’re not looking for anything specific but want to keep an eye on the Black Friday deals going around, then PriceCheck should be your hub – they’ll be keeping track of specials from these stores and many others on the day and will make it easy for you to find the best savings possible!

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