Thursday, January 21

Apple’s New Mac Pro: Orders Now Available


Apple’s highly anticipated Mac Pro and accompanying Pro Display XDR are set to arrive in early 2020, with orders now officially open for the new hardware.

The Mac Pro features a 256GB SSD and 32GB of RAM memory, while the accompanying Pro Display XDR features a 32-inch, Retina 6K LCD screen with extremely thin 9mm bezels.

Price-wise, the entry-level model on the desktop begins at a sizable $5,999 (around R88,700), while the display costs $4,999 (around R74,000), making this one of the most expensive consumer PCs on the planet.

Upon ordering your Mac Pro online, you can outfit your specific model with up to 8TB of SSD space, along with a handful of other performance upgrades.

To showcase its power, Apple also said that the computer can handle up to six 8K streams in Final Cut Pro.

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