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adidas Revealed Game of Thrones Sneakers Ahead of Final Season


With everyone and their dog now having marked the 14th of April for the return of Game of Thrones for the long-running shoe’s final and eighth season, there are a host of other ways to prepare for the climactic finale.

Besides buying a host of Game of Thrones merch, you can now secure your pair of adidas X Game of Thrones sneakers!

Utilising the silhouette of adidas‘ Ultraboost runners, the collaboration line-up has six shoes that are themed after popular groups and houses within the Game of Thrones lore: White Walkers, House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen, Targaryen Dragons, Night’s Watch.

Top Row (Left to Right): White Walkers, House Lannister, Night’s Watch | Bottom Row (Left to Right): House Stark, House Targaryen, Targaryen’s Dragons.

The coolest part about the team-up is that the designs aren’t absurdly eye-catching, but still do a good job evoking elements of the concept they’re representing. They’re good standalone colourways, but made better (and more sought after) because of their limited release numbers and association with GoT.

Whether or not you’re a Stark or Lannister fan, let us know which adidas x Game of Thrones sneakers you have your eye on!

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