Friday, April 10

A New Rugby Video Game is in the Works


Speculation around a new rugby game being in development has emerged after Eko Software, the makers of last year’s Rugby 18, posted an image on Twitter showing new motion capture with a rugby ball being done.

The photo was posted by Jean-Georges Levieux, producer at Eko Software, which reveals that the studio is in fact working on a new rugby game or update, along with the caption: “Here we go!”.


Now, there’s no specific details other than the initial photo, but it’s likely that Eko Software is working on Rugby 19 or perhaps a World Cup game, given that the 2019 Rugby World Cup is not that far away and tournament-themed games released around the same time have been common-place for a while now.

Rugby 18 released in October last year to some mixed reviews, with a lot of issues letting down a promising core gameplay system. After a large patch, the gameplay improved dramatically, but certain shortcomings still kept the game from reaching its potential. Hopefully the next instalment will rectify those problems, and we’ll have a great rugby game on our hands.

Here’s a larger version of the photo:

rugby 2019

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