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5 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer


As tempting as it may be to have the latest technology, investing in a new cellphone every year isn’t the most financially savvy approach. Looking after your current smartphone can ensure you’ll get a good 3 years of use out of the device before you have to upgrade. For those looking to upgrade sooner, a well looked after device will be easier to sell to supplement the cost of a new smartphone or even serve as a hand-me-down for a family member. There are a few simple ways that you can prolong the lifespan of your smartphone, saving you money in the long run. Here are 5 ways to make your smartphone last longer.

1. Invest in a good phone case and screen protector


One of the easiest ways to keep your device looking new and functioning well is to invest in a good phone case and screen protector. All it takes to bring a smartphone to an untimely end is a direct impact to the touchscreen from a fall from a metre or two above the ground. While it is possible to repair a broken screen, it can be quite costly. A tempered glass screen protector will help protect your screen should your phone hit the floor, while a sturdy case, will add even more protection for the screen and help protect the rest of the device from scratches and scuffs.

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2. Look after the battery

The lithium batteries used in smartphones degrade over time as you use your device. You can extend your battery’s lifespan by following good charging practices. To keep your battery in tip-top shape, it’s best not to make a habit of letting your battery run completely flat before recharging it to 100%. Rather try to keep your device consistently charged between 20% and 90%. You’ll get more battery charge cycles if you charge it up before it gets flat.

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Keep your device clean


Keeping your smartphone clean will help ensure that it looks good even if it’s a few years old. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe it down regularly or invest in wipes designed for cleaning glasses or screens. Be careful not to push too hard, so that you don’t scratch the screen if there’s dirt on it. From time to time, use a toothpick to clean out lint or dirt that has accumulated in the charging port.

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4. Delete any unused apps and data

If your smartphone starts to become sluggish, it might help to get rid of all those old videos, photos and apps you don’t need any more. You can transfer the stuff you want to keep to the cloud or your PC. After this storage spring clean, you’ll probably find that your smartphone is faster and more responsive.

5. Clear your cache


Another way to improve your phone’s performance to clear the cache. After a while, your phone’s cache might become crammed with data and files that drag down performance. To clear your cache on an Android device, go to settings, tap storage and then cached data before clearing the cache. Switching off widgets and animations can also give your phone a performance boost.

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