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5 Surprisingly Clever Uses For Mayonnaise


Whether you like to make your own or prefer to buy it in a tub, mayonnaise is pretty much a staple in every fridge. But this unsung kitchen hero is good for so much more than just toasted chicken mayo sandwiches and potato salad. In fact, there are many non-traditional ways to use and enjoy this delicious condiment. Here are just 5 clever ways you can use Mayonnaise in the kitchen.

1. Amp up your baking

You wouldn’t think baking and mayo go together but you can use mayonnaise to add creaminess to your baking without overpowering the other ingredients. Mayo can also be used in icing drizzle or creamy icing for cakes and, if you’re hoping to bake egg-free treats, you can use mayo as an egg replacement by substituting three tablespoons of mayo for each egg called for in a recipe. Be sure to use mayo that is relatively neutral in flavour to avoid changing the taste of your dish.

2. Use it on the braai

Stop meat from getting stuck to the braai grid by spreading an even layer of mayo around your protein of choice. No more messy grid and forlorn-looking meat, with this hack, you’re good to grill! Mayo is also great for making braai broodtjies; spread a little bit of mayo instead of butter on the outside of the bread before grilling and you’ll get a lovely crispy crust on your toasted braai sandwich.

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3. Marinades made simple

Mayo contains both fat and acidity, making it perfect to use in a marinade. To make a super simple marinade add your favourite herbs and spices, along with some garlic, to mayo and leave your protein to marinate for a few minutes in the mix.

4. Ditch the butter

Butter is so yesterday. Instead of spreading butter or margarine on your sandwiches, add an extra layer of creaminess and flavour with your favourite mayo.

5. A base for dips with your chips

Forgot the chip dip? If you’re in a pinch you can use mayonnaise to make your own dip. Just add your favourite herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of the dip without being overpowering.

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