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5 Rules for Storing & Drinking Beer


As much as we wish it would, beer doesn’t last forever. Once your favourite brew has left the brewery and is on its way to local bars or bottle stores, there are a number of factors that start to impact its taste and freshness. The flavour- and aroma-producing oils and acids in hops deteriorate when stored incorrectly and for too long a period. So, on the rare occasions when you don’t drink all your beer in one sitting, it’s important to store any leftover beer in the right way so it’s still fresh and delicious when you go crack open a cold one over the weekend.

Of course, the way you drink your beer can also impact the flavour, leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth. Want to get the best out of your beer? Follow these 5 rules for storing and drinking beer to ensure you enjoy the best brew every time.


1. Avoid light and heat

Light is the first thing to avoid when it comes to beer as it causes a reaction that alters the physical structure of the hop compounds, transforming them into those which contain sulphur. Storing beer in a dark, cool place (there are some great beer fridges available) is best to avoid this potential issue. Similarly, no one likes a warm beer but each beer has its own unique storage temperature to ensure the best taste. It is best to store beers such as lagers at a temperature of 4ºC and ales and stouts at a slightly higher temperature.

2. Don’t store beer for too long

Like bread, beer has an expiring date too. The longer the beer sits on a shelf the more time it has for oxidisation to take place. This causes the beer to have a cardboard taste. To avoid this issue aim to buy the right amount of beer you can realistically consume over a month period and drink your beer before the expiry date. A good rule of thumb is to aim to drink the beer within three months of the bottling date.


3. Store your beer in the fridge

If you’ve stocked up on beer, don’t leave it to gather dust in the garage, keep it in the fridge where it belongs. Even if you don’t plan to drink the beer you bought until two months later, put it in the fridge when you bring it home. As soon as beer is made, the ageing process starts and the best way to elongate its lifespan is to keep it cool. If you don’t have fridge space, store it in a dark place where it will stay cool until you decide to drink it.

4. Store your beer upright

Wherever you store it, make sure the beer isn’t lying down. Keeping the beer upright minimises the amount of the beer’s surface area that will be touching the air trapped in the bottle. With any beer, less air contact equals less oxidation of the beer, which means you’re preventing it from breaking down more quickly.


5. Watch out for dirty glasses

Now that you’re ready to drink your beer, it’s important to enjoy it the right way. Whether you’re drinking a beer at home or at a restaurant, make sure you’re drinking from a clean glass. A clean glass boosts the foam head, and bubbles will not stick to the side of your glass.” By drinking out of a dirty glass, your beer might be tainted with other flavours and aromas. The best way to ensure a clean glass is to wash with dishwashing liquid, rinse off the soap and allow to air dry.

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