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5 Products You Can Buy Right Now That Will Help You Save Water


Day Zero has been announced and it is dawning upon us – look out 12 April 2018 – the day Cape Town’s dams are predicted to run dry and property in Johannesburg is bound to soar. Meanwhile, a visit to Cape Town’s bathroom becomes an increasingly more complex situation and hygiene concerns deplete along with the water. But does it have to be this way?

Here are products you can buy right now that will help you save water.

1. Buy Dry Shampoo

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Yes, just like Day Zero, dry shampoo exists and it is real. The product allows you to wash your hair without the use of water. The aim is to remove the tangly, dull and sticky visibilities of dirty hair but mostly, to use less water.

See this video about dry shampoo and the effects they have on hair.

2. Buy Waterless Hand Sanitizer

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Water-saving doesn’t need to be a synonym for salmonella and diarrhoea. Instead, keep washing your hands but go the waterless hand sanitizer way to save water.

3. Buy Save A Flush

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Forget bricks, they possibly damage your cistern and 1-litre bottles that interfere with the overall toilet flushing system. Instead,  opt for Dry Planet‘s Save-a-Flush mechanism which has a lifespan of three to five years meaning water savings of up to 7000 litres annually on your household’s toilet flush. To top it all off, it’s affordable, easy to install and suitable for single flush toilets.

Watch this Save A Flush install video.

4. Buy a Solar Camping Shower

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Save water and electricity with this 20litre Oztrail solar camping shower. Its black makeup allows for optimum sun absorption making warm showers comforting on the conscious. Better yet, its push/pull tap gives full control over the water flow and how much water you use.

5. Buy a Jojo Watertank

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For the little rain coming Cape Town’s way, it’s best to save as much as you can, for the days it does come, store and capture it all the drops with JoJo Water tanks.

Are you ready to save some water?






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