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5 Most-Anticipated Games of 2020


In terms of gaming releases, 2020 is bringing out the big-guns! From big-name sequels to long-awaited remakes, there’s something for every type of gamers – and we’ve rounded up some of the game releases you should put on your radar!

Watch Dogs: Legion

Release date: 6 March 2020 (PS4)

Ubisoft’s hack-’em-up franchise returns with a new location and gameplay system, as the action shifts to London, whereby DedSec are taking on the authoritarian government oppressing the UK.  Watch Dogs: Legion also allows players to take control of anyone in the sprawling city, rather than a single protagonist. Each character in the game will have their own background and skillset and provide a more dynamic influence on the game’s narrative as the story progresses.

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Doom Eternal

Release date: 20 March 2020 (Xbox One | PS4 | PC | Switch)

2016’s Doom reboot was a fantastic entry, and those looking for some more fast-paced demon-hunting will be ecstatic to know that Doom Eternal arrives this year. Introducing a grappling-hook shotgun, flame belch attack, and a host of other weapons and tweaks, Doom Eternal is set to deliver a more brutal and explosive campaign, along with a revamped multiplayer mode.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: 16 April 2020 (Xbox One | PS4 | PC)
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Developed by the team behind the award-winning The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 throws you into a dense open-world that’s been augmented, enhanced, and twisted with technology and robotics. It looks to be incredibly deep with some interesting RPG mechanics, but the gorgeous gunfights and a compelling story are the real attraction here.

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Resident Evil 3 Remake

Release date: 3 April 2020 (Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

The Playstation 1 classic Resident Evil 3 is back, but this time in a completely reworked form, with new graphics, an over-the-shoulder camera, and enhanced mechanics. Like the original, the game will star Jill Valentine as she tries to escape Racoon City while dodging a new unstoppable creature known as Nemesis. It was also confirmed that another Resident Evil game Capcom has been working on, the multiplayer-centric Resident Evil: Resistance, will come bundled with the Resident Evil 3 remake.

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The Last of Us: Part II

Release date: 29 May 2020 (PS4)

The Last of Us is easily one of the best games of the generation, being presented countless awards and accolades since its initial release back in 2013. The long-anticipated sequel arrives in 2020, and not too much is known about the story or how much time has passed between the first and second game, but it will follow a more mature and battle-hardened Ellie as she sets out on a quest for revenge, with new stealth mechanics, trickier enemies, and emotional story-beats that’ll likely leave us in tatters.

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