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5 Inventions That Changed Fashion Forever


Trends come and go and styles change over the years, but there are certain aspects of fashion that will always remain the same. These are the five inventions that altered fashion as we know it.


The city of Genoa exported a papyrus textile in the 17th Century called genes. After which Levi Strauss in, 1873, secured a patent to create the popular blue jeans which are now one of our favorite clothing items.

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The Bra

It went through a series of changes, but the bra finally formed its shape in the 20th century. As its popularity grew, brands began playing around with styles.

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Nylon Stockings

Stockings were either woolen and itchy before the 20th century. They were also thick and their durability was short. However, this all changed when nylon was introduced. It was stronger and thinner and women preferred them.

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The Macintosh Trenchcoat

Waterproof jackets were invented when Charles Mackintosh accidentally dropped a rubber solution on his suit and noticed that the fabric became waterproof. Now, it has various versions.

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In the 16th century, heeled boots were more comfortable for horse riding, So, up until the 17th century, men were the only ones wearing heels. Stilettos only made an appearance in the 20th Century and now every woman has a pair.

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