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5 Important Gin Hacks Every Adult Should Know


Gin has soared back into popularity in recent years and the spirit isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet. It’s still right up there as one of the most enjoyed and popular drinks, along with craft beer. If you love the white spirit then you’ll also love this list things you may not have known about enjoying gin to the fullest!

All ice cubes aren’t created equal

Since gin is generally a summer drink it requires a healthy dose of ice to be kept nice and crisp. A problem on those sweltering days is your ice cubes melting too rapidly and then leaving you with a watery drink. What some gin enthusiasts prefer over ice cube trays that make smaller cubes is freezing a solid slab of ice in something like a roasting tray and chipping away large chunks. This ensures your ice chunk doesn’t become liquid too quickly, meaning a chilled drink for longer!

Keep your garnishes in the freezer


One of the reasons gin might be enjoying such a massive boost in popularity is due to the fact that you can drink it in an almost infinite number of ways. The best way to personalize your gin is to figure out what kind of garnish you like best. Commonly recommended combinations are lemon and thyme, mint and ginger, or orange and peppercorn. For the best results, it’s a good idea to keep these garnishes in the freezer so that they don’t go off, and also because it’ll contribute to keeping the drink cooler for longer.

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It even has some health benefits

Because of the contents of juniper berries, which make up a large part of gin production, there are some health benefits associated with moderated gin consumption. The most prevalent are decreasing lung congestion and help deal with coughs because the berries can help clear bronchial passages, as well as alleviating joint pain caused by inflammation or conditions like arthritis.

It has uses beyond drinking 


So gin’s primary use is being a highly refreshing summer drink – but its uses don’t stop there. If you fancy yourself a bit of a baker and you’d like to enhance your confectionery, gin has great use in the crusts of pies, cakes, or other sweet treats. Because alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water if you add some gin in the crusts you’ll get a flakier, better crust. The taste of gin pairs particularly well with savoury pies.

Drinking it from wine glasses actually makes sense


While this might sound like a gin-drinking faux pas, again in the interest of keeping your drink as cool as possible for as long as possible, drinking it from a wine glass has some merits. This is due to the design of the wine glass, the cold dissipates more slowly because of a wine glass’s thin stem, while traditional tumblers or glasses will lose their chill at a quicker speed. So while it might seem odd and get a few curious looks, don’t pay attention to them, just keep sipping your ice-cold drink!

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