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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Coffee is the fuel of every productive person. OK, maybe not every person, but the majority of people out there love to indulge in the caffeine-loaded goodness of a beany brew. While caffeine itself has been given a bit of a bad rap in recent years (you know, the whole ‘addictive’ thing), the truth is that drinking coffee does a whole lot of good for us! Not convinced? Here are some of the amazing benefits of coffee:

It’s the perfect after gym drink

Smoothies have infiltrated what should be coffee’s domain. Drinking a delicious cuppa after you’ve worked up a sweat cuts post-workout muscle pain by up to 48 percent!

It’s kind to your liver

The human liver takes a beating throughout its lifetime, so anything that can be healthy for your liver is a huge plus, and coffee falls into that category. Drinking coffee regularly helps protect against cirrhosis developing and keeps your liver clean.

Lower your risk of disease

Multiple studies have proven that drinking coffee on a regular basis can help lower your risk of developing type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Beat cancer

Believe it or not, coffee can be key in your fight against cancer and a regular cup of Joe can also help protect against developing colorectal cancer later on in life.

Boost your mood

Of course, the most notable daily benefit is the improvement coffee has on your mood, which, according to studies, has helped reduce suicide risk and depression among lovers of the good ole brain-juice.


So while too much of anything can be a bad thing, a healthy amount of coffee is still something you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying. Also, it’s kind of our best friend. After all, coffee never judges you, it loves you unconditionally, it gets you through hectic deadlines and all-nighters and it just generally brings people together. What’s not to love?

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