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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Nail Polish Chipping


In a perfect world, we’d all have unlimited beauty budgets and a personal manicurist to keep our nails looking like a million bucks. Sadly for many of us, real adult responsibilities like rent payments and car insurance, mean having to do your own nails at home to save a few bucks. But just because you didn’t go to beauty school doesn’t mean you can’t do a killer manicure at home. Follow this four-step application process to the perfect home manicure and then check out these 4 tips to prevent your polish from chipping, to ensure your manicure looks fresh to death all week long.

Easy four-step nail polish application:

Step 1: Apply an even base coat to the nail.
Step 2: Apply one layer of your chosen shade of nail polish.
Step 3: Wait for the first layer to dry sufficiently before applying a second layer of the same shade.
Step 4: Once the third layer is dry to the touch, finally apply a top coat to seal the paint.

It’s important to allow each layer to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step and applying another layer. If you’re not sure about whether your polish is dry, check if it appears to have shifted from a wet-look finish to a high-shine gloss, as this means the solvents have evaporated and that you’re good to go.

Tip 1: Don’t forget the tip

When you’ve finished painting the entire nail bed, drag a small amount of polish horizontally across the top tip of your nail. This will seal the layer of polish and help prevent major nicks and chips later on.

Tip 2: Skip the shower

If you’re painting your nails, try to plan your morning or night so you’re doing your manicure a little while after you’ve had a bath or shower. Your nail beds expand in the hot water making the nail polish swell with it, which is why it’s important to avoid taking a hot shower right after or just before painting your nails.

Tip 3: Avoid applying one thick coat

When it comes to painting your nails, many thin layers are better than one thick coat. Ensure you apply your polish in multiple thin layers – if the first one is patchy or streaky, you can cover it up with your second layer. Ensure each coat is lightweight and dries in between each application.

Tip 4: Keep it clean

Perhaps the most important tip for a chip-free manicure is to ensure your nails are clean before you start painting. Any leftover creams from moisturisers and nail products can prevent your polish from sticking to the nail surface. Clean your nails with a good nail polish remover before painting to ensure your nails are free of oils and completely dry before attempting a manicure.

By doing your own nails at home, you can save big time on expensive beauty salon and spa treatments. Find everything you need for the perfect home manicure online with PriceCheck now. The PriceCheck team works tirelessly to curate the best prices on a wide range of beauty products all in one place so you don’t have to shop around. 

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