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5 Daily Habits to Learn to Love Your Body


It’s time to stop hating our bodies for its tiny imperfections and start practicing a little self-love. Self-love is about acceptance and developing respect for your body, to see it as a tool and teammate that helps you live life to your full potential. If you are struggling to make peace with your body, here are 5 daily practices for learning to love your body.

Forget the scale

You might think weighing yourself is important in order to lead a healthy lifestyle but the truth is the scale is not your friend. Instead of letting the number on the scale determine your sense of self-worth, judge your healthy by how you feel and how effectively your body moves.

No judgment here

Often we’re our own toughest critic so make a deal with yourself to start building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. Stop judging yourself by what you can’t do and instead celebrate the incredible things your body can do. Whether you’ve just managed to do one push up or can hold a plank for a full minute, praise yourself and remember that your body is capable of greatness.

Challenge yourself

Loving your body isn’t about going easy on the health and fitness front. Challenge yourself to make healthier choices and try new forms of exercise that your body has never had to tackle before. For example, attending a yoga class and finding out that you’re far more flexible than you thought will lead to a sense of pride in your body and everything it can do.

Don’t forget the self affirmations

If you want to feel great in your own skin you need to become your own best friend. Sure, getting compliments from others is great but before you look for affirmations from others don’t forget to pat yourself on the back first. What’s more, be kind, gentle and compassionate to yourself in everything that you do. While it’s important to challenge yourself, it’s also important to cut yourself a little slack every now and then. No body is perfect!

No more excuses, start today

We’ve all said we’re going to start that new healthy plan or exercise program on Monday only for this Monday to turn into next Monday, and that to turn into the first Monday of next month.  It’s time to stop waiting to reach your goals and enjoy your body now.  There’s no need to wait to be skinnier, fitter, or more motivated to try new things and enjoy your life now. Being fit and healthy is important but loving your body on your journey to getting there is just as important.

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