Thursday, May 19

5 Clever Alternative Uses for Everyday Appliances & Kitchen Tools in Your Home


If being in lockdown has taught us anything, it is that we have become resilient when we need to ‘make a plan.’ Suddenly, everything has another use, and we find ourselves being amazed that our everyday appliances a kitchen tools actually offer so many other uses. Here are just 5 clever alternative ways to put your home kitchen appliances to use.

Use a tumble dryer to prove dough while baking

prove dough

Want to prove dough quickly? This crucial step in baking bread gives the dough time to rest and helps to activate the yeast in the dough, but can also be a tricky step. A warm tumble dryer offers the perfect environment to prove your dough. Simply put your tumble dryer on for a few minutes, heat it up, and once it has stopped put your bowl with the dough in it to keep it warm.

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Disinfect a dish sponge in the microwave


Tired of washing dishes, and then finding that cleaning the sponge is even more difficult? Clean and disinfect it in the microwave. Simply put the damp sponge in the microwave for a minute or two and radiate the germs away.

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Use a popcorn machine to toast nuts

popcorn maker

If you’re busy with a recipe that calls for toasted nuts and you’ve only got raw available then you can use your popcorn maker to toast nuts in a jiffy. Just place a handful of nuts in the machine, and turn it on for 5-10 seconds. Shake the machine to keep the nuts moving, and repeat the process until the nuts reach your desired level of toasting. (They toast surprisingly quickly, so keep an eye on them!)

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Use a coffee grinder to powder and crushed food

coffee grinder

A coffee grinder is the perfect tool to powder or crush toppings and small foods in a pinch. Put a handful of nuts, crackers, cookies, or oats into your coffee grinder, and pulse it a few times to achieve the perfect crumbly or powdery consistency. Use it for breaking down biscuits for pie crusts, chop nuts for an ice cream topping, or to powder oats to make flour.

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Use a French Press to strain anything

French Press

Turn a French Press from a single-use tool into a multi-tasking wonder in just a few steps. Believe it or not, this little gadget can be used for so much more than brewing coffee. The large glass vessel in most French Press tools can handle super hot liquids, and the tool’s micro-fine strainer sorts out pesky solids like a boss. This alone makes it a great candidate for performing a long list of kitchen tasks. If your French Press is gathering dust you can also use it to strain and brew loose leaf tea, froth milk (just pump the plunger up and down gentle a few times), whip cream, rinse and strain Quinoa or other light foods, and infuse oils and liquors.

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