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5 Benefits of Regularly Maintaining Your Drains at Home


When it comes to home cleaning, we all have a checklist that we follow to ensure that the house is clean: floors, surfaces, the bathroom etc. But what we often overlook are our drains, and when we don’t regularly give our drains the TLC they need, it can result in bacteria build-up and an odour that can overtake the house, creating an unclean environment that can result in illness.

Your drains are an essential part of your household and are also the one place where a multitude of items accumulate, such as food particles, hair and even dirt. Therefore, cleaning your drains and ridding them of anything that can cause bacteria to breed and odours to be emitted, should be part of your cleaning checklist.

There are many benefits of regularly maintaining your drains. These include:

Keep your family healthy: The number one benefit of maintaining your drains by cleaning them regularly is to keep your family healthy. Dirty drains can play home to pests such as cockroaches and drain flies, and as mentioned the bacteria, viruses and fungi thrive in dirty drains, which can cause illnesses to spread and cause family members to become ill.

Improve the lifespan of the drain: increase the lifespan of your drains at home by minimising the damage that can accumulate over time.

Get rid of bad odours: Removing food particles and debris trapped in the drains can help to eliminate bad odours in your home.

Enjoy faster drainage: Having drains free from debris ensures faster drainage and reduces future clogging.

Keep repairs to a minimum: Take care of small issues before they become big issues, and keep repairs to a minimum.

Using a drain cleaning product like Chemico Drain Cleen will ensure that your drains are clean, clog-free and stay smelling fresh. It’s an easy way to go about DIY drain maintenance. Simply pour Chemico Drain Cleen down the drain and let Chemico’s 3X extreme clean formula including ActiBleach do all the work by dissolving drain blockages fast.

PriceCheck tip: Blocked drains? The Drain Snake is one of the world’s most popular drain-unblocking tool, so before you try any chemicals, check out the Drain Snake.

When it comes to why your drains start to smell, the likely culprit is the build-up of bacteria. When you consider everything that escapes down the drain, there is a good chance that these items will accumulate and clog the drain causing an odour. Smells often indicate a blockage, so this is a good time to clean your drains.

Making sure that your drains are clean and free from debris, bacteria and pests is an important step in making sure that your home is clean, and your family is kept safe.


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