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3 Peripherals to Take Your Gaming Sessions to the Next Level


Sure you can game without the latest hardware and peripherals, but these days, to be fair, it’s like driving a Ferrari at 10km/h. Modern games are calibrated, designed, and scored to be enjoyed with the best hardware, accessories, and accompanying sound, so in order to take your gaming sessions from 0 to hero, we’ve rounded up 3 affordable and excellent peripherals to check out:



Price: From R225

Yeah, the Logitech M220 isn’t specifically designed as a gaming mouse, but it very much checks all the boxes you’d need. Affordable, wireless, responsive, and of course, absolutely silent, the M220 gives gamers something that can deliver in terms of sensitivity, but also won’t drive you crazy with all the ‘clicky-clicks’ when playing something like Diablo or Battlefield. The ergonomic design and small form factor make it incredibly comfortable too, so you can even take it on the road or pop into your laptop bag if on-the-go.

PriceCheck tip: Choosing the right gaming mouse for your needs and budgets can be a tricky task for any PC gaming enthusiast. Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market, whether you’re looking for an affordable gaming mouse or one that offers a range of highly technical features. 



Price: From R5,299

Steering wheels don’t come sleeker and sexier than the Logitech 920. Designed specifically for the platform of your choice (with an Xbox, Playstation, and PC variants available), this wheel is a must for any racing fan, and anyone who’s an avid racer will attest to the value it brings to the genre. The wheel itself has all the face buttons and triggers nicely mapped to convenient points for your thumbs to access, along with paddle-shifts to give you an edge in true racing sims. It’s mountable to any desk or stand, and even has accompanying peddles and a gear stick, if you choose to grow your racing set-up, of course.

PriceCheck tip: If you love racing games, then investing in a dedicated racing wheel controller is a must. Before investing in any video game accessories, ensure that you do your research to find the best price and features to suit your needs. 



Price: R1,199

Logitech’s Astro range of headphones have seemingly come out of nowhere and made quite the name for itself in the gaming space. The Astro A10 is the entry-level option in the revised Gen 2 Astro line-up, but its performance and features say anything but a simple headset. Featuring large and incredibly comfortable cups (which encompass your whole ear, instead of squashing them), a flexible band with adjustable arms, and a foldable mic, the A10 gives you everything you need, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just want a little more ‘boom’ in your ear holes. The sound output is solid too, and while they won’t enhance new depths in the spectrum of bass, they are more than capable of delivering punchy surround sound while gaming.

They are wired, but with a more-than-long enough cable and audio jack inputs on current-gen controllers, it doesn’t cause any inconveniences.

A good pair of gaming headphones is essential for any gamer who wants to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Whether you’re able to splash out on a feature-packed option or want a budget-friendly entry-level gaming headset, there’s something for you on the market. 

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