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3 Must-Watch Movies of September 2019


This year has seen a mass of huge blockbuster movies hitting the big screen, with the majority of the dominant money-makers being comic-book movies. Surprisingly, September doesn’t have a caped-superhero tentpole film, but it’s got seasoned action veteran making a return to the big-screen and the second instalment of one of the most iconic horror characters for fans to sink their teeth into.

Ad Astra

Releases 20th September

We’ve seen an influx of space-related movies in recent years, with a few examples like Interstellar and Gravity being critical and commercial juggernauts, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more films taking to the stars. This time Brad Pitt is the protagonist; playing an astronaut who is searching for his missing father on the outskirts of the solar system. He’s not simply searching for his kin, though, attached to his mission is a mystery that throws humanity’s existence and position in the cosmic hierarchy into question. Time will tell if it reaches the heights of some of the other space-based movies of late – but it looks like it will be quite a ride!

IT: Chapter 2

Releases 6th September

Stephen King’s IT was resurrected in terrifying fashion in 2017, bringing a modern rendition of the 1986 novel to a new audience. The new iteration follows suit from the 1990 min-series which was also split into two parts; 2017’s IT which follows the group of kids’ first encounter with Pennywise, and in 2019 we’ll revisit the town of Derry – but with a time jump and the kids as adults. Mike is the only character who remains in Derry 27 years later, but when there’s another slew of murdered children, he rallies the Losers as they have to face off with an even more determined, horrifying, and lethal Pennywise in a bid to defeat him for the last time. Horror fans don’t need to look any further than this for their September fix of frights.

Rambo: Last Blood

Releases 20th September

Although Sly Stallone is at the age where most people start hunting for their eventual retirement houses, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. His outings in the multiple Expendables movies clearly reignited his appetite for explosive action and now the one and only John Rambo is back to open up a few more beatdowns. Despite what the movie’s name, suggests we’ll have to wait and see if this in-fact ends up being the last time we see Sly take up the role of Rambo; it doesn’t look like he’s letting up any time soon.

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