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3 Most Exciting Games Arriving in September


It’s the hot gaming release period, where all the big publishers unleash their blockbuster console and PC titles. We’ve rounded up 3 of the most exciting games arriving this month that you can’t afford to miss!

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Release date: 7 September 2018 (PS4)

We’ve had a few Spidey games in recent years, but they’ve always been tied-in to film releases; and we’re craving an adventure that really explores Spider-Man’s villain roster and one that takes the story to new places. Thankfully, Sony and Insomniac Games’ new title looks to be delivering just that. From what we’ve seen of the game already — it looks incredible, with some fluid swinging and fighting mechanics, alongside some gorgeous visuals and jaw-dropping cinematic moments.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Release date: 7 September 2018 (PS4 | Xbox One | PC)

Lara Croft is back as the adventurous raider of tombs that we’ve all grown to love! Shadow of the Tomb Raider marks the third game in the rebooted trilogy from Square Enix, and tasks the iconic heroine with stopping a Mayan apocalypse. Thankfully, there’s a host of newly added gameplay features to help her survive, including camouflage techniques, new swimming abilities, and a grappling ability; but essentially, you’ll spend most of your time murdering enemies, jumping and climbing over things, and crafting equipment. It’s great fun.

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Release date: 28 September 2018 (PS4 | Xbox One | PC | 360 | PS3)

FIFA fans will have the 28th of September circled on their calenders every year, and for good reason! The latest instalment of EA Sports’ long-running franchise arrives at the end of the month, bringing with it some new additions, including a detailed stats breakdown following matches, the chance to play Champions League, FA Cup, or Europa League-themed match, and (most interestingly), a new mode called House Rules, allowing you to input special laws into your match. For example, you can prevent short-range goals from counting towards the scoreline, force your mates to score from headers and volleys only, or remove all laws of the game from being applied, including offsides.

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