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3 Biggest Games of December


December has arrived, but before the Christmas crackers come out and New Years streamers start flying, there are a host of exciting game releases to rev you up for the holidays! We’ve rounded up our 3 most anticipated, below:

Just Cause 4

Release date: 4 December 2018 (PS4 | Xbox One | PC)

After three explosive adventures, Just Cause 4 brings back gun-toting super-agent Rico Rodriguez as he has to topple yet another tyrannical dictator using explosions, cunning, and some serious firepower. Of course, the high-flying, stunt-orientated action returns too, along with the physics-based destruction that the series has become known for.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Release date: 4 December 2018 (PS4 | Xbox One | PC)

Fans of the XCOM series and turn-based RPGs will want to look out for this one. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden gives you control of a ragtag group of mutants in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where you’ll have to utilise real-time stealth mechanics to give you the chance to sneak into an enemy camp and position your team of mutants to get the jump on the enemy, or avoid the situation completely.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Release date: 7 December 2018 (Switch)

The latest instalment in Nintendo’s beloved crossover fighting game hits the Switch this month, bringing with it the tried-and-tested 2.5D combat gameplay along with a ton of new characters, pushing the roster up the 76 fighters. There are a few tweaks to the gameplay, but don’t worry – they’re subtle. Players’ dodging, for example, becomes more and more ineffective as you overuse it, forcing players to approach encounters more tactfully. It looks to be another smash hit for Nintendo fans.

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