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3 Affordable Generators to Save You From Load Shedding


There’s no denying that things down here in the Republic are currently a little tricky on the electricity front. From being forced into candle-lit dinners to wading your way through the dark trying to find a torch, load-shedding has become the bane of our existence; but there are solutions. Depending on your needs, there are generators and small inverters that can bring a silver lining to a darkened day without breaking the bank. We’ve rounded up 3 generators that’ll bring the spark back to your fight against load-shedding.

OMEGA Generator OP-950DC

Producing 650VA, this little generator can run a TV(LED), decoder, lights and other appliances, and able to take around 4.5 litres of petrol. It has force air-cooled, 2-stroke and single cylinder, and is the perfect little life-saver to keep some basic home-living comforts alive during a blackout.

Ryobi Air-Cooled 4-Stroke Generator

The Ryobi Air-Cooled 4-Stroke generator is able to produce 1Kw of power thanks to its powerful 95cc 4-stroke petrol engine. The 5.2 litre tank will deliver up to 7 hours of run time, which should be more than enough to keep your household appliances alive for a prolonged load-shedding session.

Ryobi – Inverter Generator

Ryobi generator


This pint-sized 3.6 litre inverter from Ryobi provides up to 4 hours of runtime with 2000W of power, with an auto-idle feature allowing it to run longer by saving fuel when less power is needed. It’s super subtle too, operating 40% quieter than standard generators.

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