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10 Super-Convenient Kitchen Appliances You Never Knew You Needed – For Under R1200


Toaster – check. Kettle – check. Microwave – check. Boring – double check. If you’re looking to spend less time in the kitchen grating carrots, then you came to the right place. We’ve sourced some handy gadgets that will make your trip to the kitchen a bit more interesting and so much more convenient.

Milk Frother – Available for R980

Jura Automatic Milk Frother

Cappuccinos, lattes and velvety americanos – they all cost money. Now, you can save that much-needed cash and have Starbucks without leaving the house. This milk frother is easy to use and makes every cup of coffee so much more fun.

Egg Poacher and Boiler – Available from R299

Can cooking get any simpler? This handy egg poacher and boiler is what all egg-fans (and not) dream of.  It boils up to seven eggs and handles four eggs for poaching. This is an absolute winner!

Pineapple Slicer – Available from R79

Image result for Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer & Apple Slicer

Everyone likes eating pineapples but who can say they look forward to the task? This pineapple slicer solves that job easily. Just slice off the ends of your pineapple and gradually screw it to the end for perfect pineapple slices.

Citrus Spritzer – Available for R122

Image result for Citrus Spritzer Manual Fruit Juicer Mini Accelerated Juicers Diy Spray Juice Sprayer Vegetable Tools

Gone are the days of lemon juice spraying in your eye. This citrus spritzer is simply genius. Squeeze the gadget into your unpeeled lemon or orange (or any fruit for that matter) and make your own spritzer. Spray it in your water, spritz it over your seafood, salads, vegetables and even spray it directly into your mouth for tastiness.

3 in 1 Pizza Quiche and Pie Maker – R219

Image result for 3 in 1 pie maker safewayImage result for 3 in 1 pie maker safeway

Spinach and cheese; chicken and mushroom; apple, pecan or strawberry – now you can become a pie master too with this pie, quiche and pizza maker.  Because who said you have to be a great chef to make good food?

Rotary Peeler – Available for R119

Image result for rotary peeler

Let’s be honest, having to peel foods such as potatoes is mind numbing – this rotary peeler agrees. From carrots, apples, cucumber to tomatoes, you can peel all these difficult fruits and veggies much more easily.

Chopping Board With Detachable Scrap Disposal – Available for R299

Image result for 2 In 1 Kitchen Foldable Chopping Board Creative Non-slip Folding Cutting Board Camping Antibacteria

When you’re not paying attention, chopping, cutting, and grating can become a bit messy. This chopping board is smart enough to come with a detachable disposal for all the leftover debris. Here’s to a tidier kitchen.

Vegetable Chopper and Measure – Available for R724

Because why risk cutting your delicate fingers when chopping onions, tomatoes, and celery? This vegetable chopper is safe and easy to use. Plus, it also comes with a measure.

Waffle Bowl Maker – Available for R780

Introducing the innovation of waffling –  the Waffle Bowl Maker.  This device makes perfect fluffy waffles ready to be filled with anything from eggs, fruits, ice-cream or yoghurt. Is your day made yet?

Star Wars Sandwich Shaper – Available from R150

Image result for Star Wars Pouch Sandwich Shaper Darth Vader

The only real question here is “Why are you not a Star Wars Trooper?”. This Star Wars sandwich shaper will spice up every bite. Because there’s no better way to start the day than biting Darth Vader’s head off and saving the galaxy.

Do you know of any other handy and interesting kitchen gadgets?



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