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CaffeLuxe Single Serve 10 Dolce Gusto 50 Capsules Bulk Coffee Selection

5 BOXES = 50 DRINKS (10 DRINKS PER BOX)Enjoy each of our delicious Cafféluxe Dolce Gusto® Compatible Single Serve drinks, this Taster Pack consists of all our coffees and hot

Brand: Caffelux

Category:  Coffee Capsules & Pods


Caffenu 200ml Liquid Descaler

All coffee machines suffer from lime scale and calcium build-up, like the white build-up you see in kettles. This can decrease your water and coffee temperature, it wastes electricity and ca...

Brand: Caffenu

Category:  Coffee Machine Accessories


CaffeLuxe Machines Duo Capsule System

Elegance, class, sophistication; just a few things that come to mind when making an Espresso from this beautiful machine. The new Cafféluxe Duo Multi System Capsule Machine is the only system t...


Caff Luxe Nespresso Coffee Capsules Compatible Mixed Value Pack

A range of light to dark roasted coffees, sourced from leading coffee producing countries - Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, India & Rwanda. *Compatibl...

Brand: Caff*luxe

Category:  Coffee Capsules & Pods


CaffeLuxe Capsules Compatible Americano Coffee Dolce Gusto

10 PODS per BOX = 10 DRINKSSignature Americano Lungo. Superbly well-rounded and full-bodied roast & ground coffee.Insert the Coffee capsule into the *Dolce Gusto machine.Set the beverage

Brand: Caffelux

Category:  Coffee Capsules & Pods


Caffeluxe Signature Range Lungo Dark Roast Coffee 10 Capsules

It's the more the merrier when it comes to this darkly delicious lungo, best enjoyed as a double espresso shot. Drink in the flavours of South America, Africa, and India and savor

Brand: Caffeluxe

Category:  Coffee Capsules & Pods


Nespresso Compatible 150 Capsules Bulk Medium And Dark Roast Coffee Combo

In this deal: 50xOCC Italian Dark Roast 50xOCC African Medium Roast 50x OCC French Medium Roast


Nespresso Compatible 250 Capsules Bulk Espresso And Lungo Coffee Selection

In this deal: 50xOCC Italian Dark Roast 50xOCC African Medium Roast 50x OCC French Medium Roast 50x Chaos Lungo 50x Chaos Espresso



Cafféluxe sources the highest grades of coffee from around the globe, roasting and blending for the sophisticated palate, instantly sealing the freshly ground and roasted blends into capsules to be used in our cafféluxe Espresso Machines and compatible with Nespresso® machines. We boast with manufacturing facilities in Cape Town, United Kingdom & Belgium and continually work to bring the best quality coffee at the most affordable rates to our loyal customers.

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