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No risk of anyone crossing this track unseen. When a train passes the bell rings. No need for batteries as it's all magnetic.
Decide which way the passing trains go. Turn the red knob to choose the right track as the trains fly by fast, hurrying to get to their next destination on time. Poseable
It's the boat's turn to pass by. Just turn the crank to lift the bridge and manually lower the stop barriers. Includes 2 ascending tracks for easy connection to the Railway system.
The horse and cow need to be carefully transported out to the pasture. Help them get onto the train by folding down the ramp. No animals will need to feel crowded as
Mandrel for hole saws Mandrel shank: 7/16' hex Drill bit diameter: *6.35mm Hole saws: Bi-metal *32-152mm Application: Use the mandrel with Bi-metal hole saws that are able to cut into metal, wood and plastics. The mandrel range: 14-30mm no pins: TC17002 -
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Starter Track Pack Expand the joy to play already from start. If you combine your Railway Starter Pack with extra tracks it will immediately give you the possibility to build many different layouts. More tracks,
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The leverage crane is developed from Leonardo's sketchbook concepts, in this case for a heavy-lift crane system that uses a ratcheting system to rotate in only one direction while providing leverage to
BRIO Curved Bridge. Type: Scenery, Recommended gender: Boy/Girl, Recommended age (min): 0.3 yr(s), Recommended age (max): 99 yr(s), Number of pieces: 4 pc(s)
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Lift and load action! Take the load off the wagon with the magnetic arm. Drop the load on the chute and press the button to slide it down onto the truck. Off
Going straight ahead does not have to be boring. Why not add a classic viaduct?
Design and build your own constructions! With these components and tools you can build almost anything your mind can design. A fun way to practice hand/eye coordination and creative idea construction. Includes
Grabber The Milescraft Grabber is ideal for use on router tables, table saw, jointers and even band saws. Safety is very important and you always want to keep your hands as far away
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