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The Gane Changer! Turns household food waste into odorless pre-compost in as little as 5 hours. Compost all your food waste including cooked food, meat scraps & soft bones. Reduce your kitchen waste by up
Description: Elevate your bathroom cleaning routine with the Toilet Cleaner PLUSH SUPREME Potpourri 500ml. This powerful cleaner effortlessly tackles tough stains, grime, and germs, leaving your toilet sparkling clean and fresh. Medium size Description: The
Description: Introducing Splash car shampoo SHIELD 1l, a top-quality automotive cleaning solution designed to give your vehicle a sparkling clean finish. This shampoo is specially formulated to effectively remove dirt, grime, and road
Description: The Carpet Fresh MR SHEEN Spring Fresh 600g is a highly effective and refreshing carpet freshener. It is designed to eliminate odors and leave your carpets smelling clean and fresh. This product
Description: The PLUSH SUPREME spring fresh toilet cleaner is an effective solution to keep your toilet clean and fresh. With its powerful formula, it effectively removes stains, dirt, and grime, leaving your toilet
Description: Add a touch of elegance and long-lasting beauty to your leather furniture and accessories with Mr Sheen Leather Cream Cleaner & Conditioner. This specially formulated cleaner is designed to gently remove dirt,
Description Introducing the Fabric Stain Remover MR SHEEN Oxi Ultra Wash Tub in White (400g), a powerful and effective solution to tackle stubborn stains on your fabrics. Designed to provide an effortless cleaning
Description: Introducing the MR SHEEN Oxi ultra wash liquid 1l, a powerful fabric stain remover that effortlessly tackles even the toughest stains. This advanced formula is designed to penetrate deep into the fabric,
Description: Introducing the Pot, Super Pot and Saucer set in the Namib Dune color, brought to you by SEBOR. This set includes three pots, each measuring 25cm in size, allowing you to add
Description: The Hot Plate Protector/Restorer CARBRO 28g is a versatile and efficient solution for protecting and restoring your hot plates. This product is designed to extend the lifespan of your hot plates by
Description: The Fast Acting Oven Cleaner MR SHEEN 300ml is a powerful cleaning solution designed to quickly and effectively remove grease, grime, and baked-on food residues from your oven. With its advanced formula,
Description: The Multi-surface cleaner MR SHEEN spring fresh 400ml is a versatile cleaning solution that effectively removes dirt and grime from various surfaces. It features a refreshing spring fresh scent that leaves your
Description: The Toilet cleaner PLUSH SUPREME lemon 500ml is a powerful cleaning solution designed to effectively clean and freshen your toilet. It is specifically formulated with a refreshing lemon scent to leave your
Description: Introducing the Multi-surface cleaner PLUSH SUPREME floral fantasy 275ml, a versatile cleaning solution that will leave your surfaces sparkling and smelling delightful. This medium-sized bottle is perfect for tackling everyday messes and
Description: The Fabric Stain Remover MR SHEEN Oxi Ultra Wash Value Pack 1kg is a powerful cleaning solution designed to effectively remove stubborn stains from various fabrics. This value pack offers a generous
Glass/Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner PLUSH SUPREME 300ml The Glass/Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner PLUSH SUPREME 300ml is a powerful cleaning solution specially formulated to effectively remove tough stains, grime, and residue from glass and ceramic cooktop
Description Elevate the ambiance of your living space with WYNN'S Fresh Musk Interior Spray. This 250ml spray bottle contains a refreshing musk fragrance that will transform your home into a soothing sanctuary. Its
This super absorbent, non-drip PVA sponge is able to absorb up to 450ml of water! It is also quick and easy to replace!
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