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Pool Chlorine  Features:  Non-stabilised chlorine. Kills algae and bacteria. Now gentler on skin. Now faster dissolve. Can be used as a Shock Treatment.  
HTH - Granular & Mineral Soft - 15kgKeeps pool water sparkling and blue; fast acting, instant kill; destroys harmful germsSuitable To Use With:- HTH Quick Test Strips-
This non-stabilised granular pool chlorine kills algae and bacteria and can be used as a shock treatment for your pool. It now dissolves faster in water and is gentler on your skin.
Description The Clear Blu HTH Water Clarifier is a highly effective solution for achieving crystal clear pool water. This water clarifier is specially formulated to eliminate cloudiness caused by suspended particles, including dirt,
Description Experience crystal clear water in your swimming pool with the HTH Xtreme Flocc 1L Water Clarifier. This powerful clarifier effectively eliminates cloudiness and impurities, leaving your pool water sparkling clean and inviting.
The All-In-1 Algaecide 2l HTH is a highly effective solution for eliminating algae growth in your pool or spa. With its powerful formula, it helps to keep your water clean, clear, and
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