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Smart Inverter Comp. Door Cooling+ Multi Airflow Zero Clearance ThinQ (WiFi) Dimensions (W X D X H) mm: 700 X 700 X 1,850
Description: LG Smart Inverter technology optimizes energy efficiency by dynamically adjusting compressor speeds, ensuring precise cooling while minimizing electricity consumption. The Uvnano feature, enhances hygiene and cleanliness within appliances. With Door Cooling, refrigerators
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Multi Air Flow Optimal Temperatures Everywhere Air flows in every direction to keep your food fresh, no matter where you place it. HYGIENE CARE Goodbye Bacteria UVnano refreshes your water dispenser nozzle every day, automatically eliminating *99.99% of
Description: The sleek Matte Black finish adds a modern touch to any kitchen. Advanced technologies such as Multi Air Flow, Linear Cooling, Door Cooling+, and a Smart Inverter Compressor ensure efficient cooling and
LG Flat Door, Door Cooling, New I&W Dispenser with UVNano fridge Door-in-Door Ez Open Pocket Handle Ice & Water Dispenser with UVNano Linear Cooling Door Cooling Multi Air Flow Flat Duct Inner Micom SpacePlus Ice Maker Multi Air Flow Flat Duct SmartThinQ Smart Diagnosis
Fridge Capacity: 406 Freezer capacity: 205 Finishing: Matte Black Steel Inverter Linear Compressor Door Cooling Multi AirFlow New I&W Dispenser with UVNano Dimension: mm (WxHxD): 913 x 1,790 x 735
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