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• Our convoluted or `egg-box` toppers are made from high density foam • Ideal for providing extra comfort to your existing mattress • They help to relieve pressure due to the
Driftaway Queen Bed Mattress Topper helps sleep soundly and wake up energized. Long-lasting and durable. Featuring reinforced quilt stitching across the surface.Contact to assist with medical scheme claims and related products
Driftaway Single Bed Mattress Overlay Single Bed Helps prevent & relieve bedsores.Contact to assist with medical scheme claims and related products
Ideal for use in the home, office or while travelling. Made from Latex, our ring cushion provides relief and comfort when sitting, alleviating pressure on the spine and coccyx area. Anti-fungal, mildew
Egg box design allows air circulation to keep you cool, Use on top of your current mattress, Evenly spreads your body weight and allows air circulation, Relieves pressure points for better night
This wheelchair cushion is comfortable and is a generous size. For those who sit for long periods of time, this product helps alleviate pain through pressure points. It is
This luxurious pillow, consisting of high-density visco-elastic Gel-infused memory foam, is a breakthrough in foam technology. The Visco Heavy is a more dense, more firm version of our Visco Light pillow. It
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