Why is our Bluetooth speaker not turning on it is only showing a red light?

Hi there! Thanks for the question. It sounds like your Bluetooth speaker may have a battery issue if it's only showing a red light. Some things to try: - Charge it fully overnight before use. The Microlab M108BT and XiaoMi Portable Speaker both have built-in batteries that may need recharging. - Make sure the battery terminals aren't loose or corroded - gently reconnect them. - Update the speaker's firmware if a firmware update is available. This could fix an issue preventing it from turning on. - As a last resort, the speaker may need repair or replacement. The Microlab and XiaoMi options from the search results are affordable options to consider if repair isn't feasible. Hope this helps troubleshoot the issue! Let me know if changing the battery or fully charging doesn't fix it.

My sinotec BHL 730 speaker is not turning on..what can be the problem

Hello again! Based on the issue you described with your Sinotec BHL 730 speaker not turning on, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. The first thing I would suggest checking is the battery - make sure it is fully charged. You can try charging it overnight to rule out a low battery. If the battery is charged but the speaker still won't turn on, it's possible the battery terminals need reconnecting or cleaning. You can open the battery compartment and make sure the terminals are making good contact. If charging and checking terminals doesn't resolve the issue, unfortunately it's likely the speaker will need repair or replacement. According to the PriceCheck results, the Sinotec 699HS 2.1CH Bluetooth Sound Bar for R1514 would be a good upgrade option as it is a similar brand and model. I hope this helps troubleshoot the issue with your speaker. Let me know if charging it or checking terminals doesn't work - a repair shop may be able to diagnose the problem further.

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