What's the price on the confetti connon machine?

Hi there! Based on your question about confetti cannon machines, I have a few great options from the PriceCheck search results: The Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Girl and Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Boy are perfect for gender reveals, available for just R59 and R79 respectively. They're compact and easy to use. The Celebration Confetti Cannon for R99 is a more heavy-duty option that will work well for larger parties. It has great reviews for reliably popping lots of confetti into the air with each use. I hope one of these confetti cannon machines will help make your party really pop! Let me know if you need any other details.

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Flashing, bouncing ball. Throw it and watch it glow. Assorted colours and lights no batteries required.
50% OFF
Treat the little ones to hours of bubble-filled fun with the coolest Frozen themed bubble blasters yet! This bubble gun really is a treat. Pressing the trigger blasts out bubbles and the blaster
40% OFF
Gender reveal-themed confetti cannon Emits a shower of biodegradable round confetti Available in blue or pink
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