The cheapest wall panel heater?

Based on your request for the cheapest wall panel heater, I would recommend the Alva GH312 3 Panel Infrared Gas Heater for R1399.99. This is currently the most affordable option in the search results for a gas panel heater. Gas heaters are very economical to run compared to electric heaters. The Alva GH312 uses an infrared heating system to distribute warmth evenly across its 3 panels. Infrared heat feels very comfortable on the skin. At only R1399.99, this heater will help you stay cozy without breaking the bank. Please let me know if you need any other details. I'm afraid I don't have pricing on all products, but I hope I've highlighted some affordable options to consider from the results available.

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Brought to you by ALVA, a long-standing, expert, and trusted South African brand The new mighty mini heater from ALVA is the perfect solution to keep your family warm quickly, safely, efficiently
We make this heater to keep you warm and safe. It is easy to use, with an excellent design, fitting any indoor environment. It is the workhorse of the range and looks good doing
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Maximize your comfort during the chillier seasons with the Free-Standing Electric Infrared Quartz Heater. This efficient BT-526 model offers a convenient way to spread warmth in your space with its high-performing infrared
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