Samsung 617 lt black mirror?

Thanks for the search request! Based on your query for a "Samsung 617 lt black mirror", I found two great refrigerator options within your specified criteria: The Samsung Side By Side Fridge With All-around Cooling Black Mirror 617L is available for R26999. As the top search result, this large-capacity Samsung side-by-side fridge would be a spacious, energy efficient option to store all your meals. The Samsung Black Mirror 2 Door 617L Non-plumbed Water And Ice Dispenser for R26499 is also a high-quality choice. Its stylish black mirror finish and built-in water and ice dispenser make for easy access to cool drinks straight from the door. Both appliances seem like excellent options to suit your 617L capacity needs. Please let me know if you need any other details on features or specifications. I'm still learning, so apologize that I don't have pricing on all possible matches.

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