Red rice yeast price gauteng?

Hello again! Based on your request for Red rice yeast price in Gauteng, here are a few top options from my PriceCheck search: The Red Yeast Rice 600 Mg - 60 Veg Capsules for R379 is a great value choice, containing the maximum daily dosage of 600mg per serving. For those looking to supplement CoQ10 as well, the Red Yeast Rice With COQ10 for R519.99 provides both ingredients in one daily tablet. While on the higher end of my price results, adding CoQ10 makes it a nice 2-in-1 option. I hope these suggestions are helpful in your supplement selection. Let me know if you need any other details on products from the search results.

Cheaper red rice yeast

Here is a more affordable option for red yeast rice: The Nature's Way Red Yeast Rice 1200mg capsules are available for just R299.95. With 1200mg of red yeast rice powder per capsule, these offer excellent value and potency compared to the other options. Red yeast rice can help support healthy cholesterol levels, so these capsules could be perfect for your needs at a low price. Let me know if you would like any other recommendations, I'm here to help you find great quality supplements at affordable prices.

Where is red rice yeast available for R299 in gauteng

Based on your search criteria for red rice yeast available for R299 in Gauteng, unfortunately I did not see any options exactly at R299. However, here are a few options that are close in price: The Nature's Way Red Yeast Rice 1200mg capsule option I mentioned previously is available for R299.95. This provides you with the most red yeast rice at the lowest price compared to the other options. Willow - Red Rice Yeast Extract 60 Capsules is the next best option at R328, as it is quite affordable and will last you a while with 60 capsules. I hope one of these two options works for your needs while still being friendly on your budget. Please let me know if you need any other recommendations.

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