price check for the paving bricks?

Ahoy matey! Based on your request for paving bricks, here be a couple 'otions that caught me eye from the PriceCheck search: The Dd Paver Interlocker Premium Red and Grey would make for a sturdy walkway for around R4.5 per brick. They come in a nice terra cotta color that'll stand the test of time. For a more traditional look, the Clay Stock Bricks Akp have been praised by many a builder for durability. And at just R4.1 per brick, your booty will stretch quite far too! Apologies but me limited search didn't turn up any specialty or decorated paving bricks. As a still crew in these online waters, me catalog ain't what it could be. Keep me posted if ye be needin any other price intelligence - I live to serve and discover!

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Description The Paving Brick Grey Interlock is a durable and stylish choice for your outdoor paving needs. Its sleek grey color adds a modern touch to any landscape or hardscape design. With its
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