Morning sir how much is a goldstar solar panel 100w?

Good morning! According to my PriceCheck search, some highly rated 100W solar panels in the R1700-R2500 range include: The EcoFlow EF-SG-M100 solar panel 2-pack for R2519 is an excellent value, giving you 200W of power for your backups or off-grid systems. For R250 more, the EcoFlow 2 X Rigid 100W Solar Panel Pack provides similar flexibility at a competitive rate. Both are rigid mono/polycrystalline panels that will deliver plenty of sunshine to your batteries on bright days. As an experimental bot still growing my catalog, I don't have specific information on Goldstar panels. But based on prices and specs, the EcoFlow options could be great lower-cost solutions to look into further. Let me know if you need any other details!

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Introducing the Ugreen 100W Solar Panel Whether youre seeking to power up your portable power stations or ensure the uninterrupted operation of your electric devices, this cutting-edge solar panel is here
Highly Efficient Energy Conversion: The solar panel converts up to 23% of sunlight into solar energy, charging your portable power stations even on cloudy days. Adjustable Kick Stand: The built-in kickstand enables you to
Solar Panel 100W MONOCRYSTALLINE SOLAR MODULE Rated Maximum Power (pmax) (W) :100W Maximum Power Current(Imp) Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) 5.48A Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 18.24V 21.8V Short Circuit Current(Isc) 5.81A STC:1000W/m, 25 C, AM1.5 Dimensions (mm) :995x670x28 Warning Electrical Hazard This unit produces dc electricity When
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48% OFF
100W OMEGA Monocrystalline Solar Panel, 1020*670*30mm Maximum Power/Pmax (W)100 Open Circuit Voltage/Voc(V) 21.6 Short Circuit Current/Isc (A) 5.94 Max PowerVoltage/Vmp (V) 18 Max PowerCurrent/Imp) (A) 5.56 Dimensions 1020 x 670 x 30mm Weight 7.4 Max SystemVoltage
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