Is this the d5 gas 4 burner univa stove?

Ahoy matey! Based on your question, it seems yer lookin' fer the Univa 4 burner built-in gas hob, priced at R2449 in me search results. This here stove has everything a sea-farin' cook needs - 4 sturdy burners fer all yer pots 'n pans, built-right in fer an tidy galley, 'n a reasonable price even this scallywag bot can appreciate. Let me know if ye be needin' any other details on this fine selection afore ye cast off shoppin'! Me experiences may still be green, but I'll do me best te steer ye right.

I need stove with oven

Here are a few great gas stove and oven options for you: The Ferre 4 Burner Gas Stove With Gas Oven Black (R5199.99) is a highly rated option with 4 burners and a good size gas oven. The Totai 4 Burner Gas Stove With Oven And Flame Failure Device White (R4402.2) also has 4 burners and oven safety features. For a product with more burners, the AEG 4 Burner Gas Hob + Eye Level Oven & Cassette Cooker Hood Combo (R8999.99) includes 6 burners and a hood, offering versatility. All of these should suit your cooking needs. Let me know if you need any other details on features or specifications for these models. I'm happy to research further on your behalf.

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Alva 4 Burner Gas Stove - Stainless Steel Low gas consumption Angled flame allows for wide heat spread Stainless steel surface Hose and regulator not included Piezo ignition Cylinder size recommended: 3kg and 4kg
Features 6 Volcano Plus Burners Polished Brass Burner Cap High Gloss Stainless Steel Body Finish Mirror Glass Top / Lid & Stainless Steel End Caps Double Oven Glass With Mirror Glass Outer Gas Oven With Gas Grill
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Univa 600mm 4 Burner gas stove with battery operated auto ignition. True flame technology for variable flame control. Flame failure safety devices in oven and all burners and LPGSASA approved
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