I'm looking for u962 Hisense phone battery?

Thank you for providing more details about what you're looking for. Based on your request for a "u962 Hisense phone battery", here are a couple options from my search that may suit your needs: The Replacement Battery For Hisense U962 Smartphone available for R159 seems to be a direct match for powering up your Hisense U962 phone. Another listing I found was the Replacement Battery For Hisense U962 2019 U964 U40 Lite U963 available for R175, which would also work for your phone while giving you flexibility in case you upgrade models in the future. Let me know if you need any other recommendations or have additional questions! I'm here to help you find great products at low prices.

How do I do to buy it

To buy the replacement battery, here are the simple steps: The more versatile battery for R175 that works with your Hisense U962 as well as other models is a great option that will give you flexibility in case you upgrade phones in future. To purchase it, simply click on the link provided in the search result to go to the online store listing the battery. Then add it to your cart and checkout, where you'll be asked to select your delivery address and payment method. Once paid, the battery will be shipped to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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view more products like this
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