I'm looking for fake money for a show?

Here are a few options for fake money for your show from the PriceCheck search results: The Origami Paper: One Hundred Dollar Bills kit for R172 includes 250 double-sided sheets of paper printed with realistic dollar bill designs that are perfect for folding lifelike origami money. It also comes with instructions for 4 different money models to get your props started. For a more hands-on option, the Dollar Origami Kit for R264 includes 60 practice dollar bills and lessons to learn the art of dollar bill folding. Both of these would allow you to custom-make unique prop money for your production. Let me know if any of these origami money making kits could work for your show!

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An astrologer and authority on arcane subjects examines the intriguing secret meaning of the diverse symbols that exist on the U.S. dollar bill, offering a detailed explanation of each symbol and the
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