I'm looking for a not expensive hearing aid?

Here are a few affordable hearing aid options for you: The Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries 312-8PACK for R104.95 are a great value if you already have hearing aids that use 312 batteries. The Cyber Sonic Hearing Aid for R180 and the Jecpp Behind Ear Sound Amplifier for R379 are both very affordable hearing aid devices that can help amplify sounds without breaking the bank. The AN127 Invisible In-ear Hearing Aid for R599 is a good mid-range option that sits discreetly in the ear canal. I hope these more inexpensive suggestions are helpful in your search for an affordable hearing aid. Please let me know if you need any other details on the products mentioned.

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Energizer EZ Turn & Lock Zinc Air Batteries Size 13 4 Pack delivers 1.4 V of power and helps to protect your devices in the process. These batteries are designed with the
These longest-lasting energizer hearing aid batteries are easily removable from the access tab on the back but only when you want to remove them. You are in control with the energizer ez
Long-lasting and reliable, the Energizer AZ10 is a high-quality hearing aid battery that is great for constant, everyday use. Powerful Zinc Air chemistry provides constant power that will keep your hearing aid
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view more products like this
The Duracell EasyTab hearing aid battery is easy to hold, replace and remove. An extra-long tab makes it simple to handle, and its lightweight packaging is easy to open.SpecificationsConnect
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