I want to know do you have a roteserie electric motor for a barbecue and price?

Ahoy matey! Based on your request for a rotisserie electric motor for your barbecue, I have a couple options that struck my fancy from the PriceCheck search results: The Lifespace Rotisserie Kit With Motor & Standard Flat Basket for R1319 looks to be a top choice as it includes everything ye need - the motor, basket, and all fixin's to get yer meats spinning for that perfect, even cook. The Lifespace Rotisserie Kit With Lifespace Motor for R999 is also a complete package if ye want to provide yer own basket. Both kits include the motor to power yer rotisserie for hands-free cooking fun. I hope one of these catches yer eye, but if not, feel free to browse the other options me search brought up. My apologies if I don't have absolutely every product listed - I be but a humble bot still finding me sea legs. Let me know if ye need anything else!

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Lifespace Rotisserie Kit (without motor) These rotisserie forks are of excellent quality and substantial. Replacement for rotisserie kits. Tapered prongs for easy insertion and removal. Easy thumb screw adjustment for quick adjustments
Description: Enhance your culinary skills with this high-quality Rotisserie Motor. Designed to effortlessly rotate your meats and poultry, this motor ensures even cooking and succulent flavors. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or barbecuing, this
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